Employment Attorney

Wage Dispute Attorney, FLSA Cases, Pregnancy Discrimination, Overtime Lawyer

Employment Attorney

We are advocates for those facing employment issues, with over a decade of experience representing clients in labor and employment disputes. 


We work tirelessly to fight for the wages you earned. Payment disputes. Unpaid commissions.  Failure to Re-Pay. Break times. Status misclassification. Minimum & prevailing wage.  Independent Contractors. Exempt Employees.


California's Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) provides for twelve weeks of leave (unpaid) to care for others such as newborns, family members, or other illness. An employment attorney will fight for your rights. Contact us today.


California employees are entitled to increased hourly rates if certain conditions are met and if they are non-exempt. Overtime is triggered after 8 hours in a day, 40 hours in a week, or after the 7th consecutive day.


Pregnancy discrimination is illegal. Demotions, change of job description, denial of promotion. Refusal to hire, asking an applicant about their intention to become pregnant. Retaliation against pregnant employee, discriminatory or offensive comments, refusing prenatal leave for appointments, pay cuts.

Employment Attorney


 Violations of law or public policy when someone is fired, forced to quit in violation of contract or law. Severance law. Discrimination. Retaliatory firings after reporting labor code violations. Refusing order to violate law. Whistleblowers.


California Government Code §12940(j) governs whether conduct is harassment based on race, religious creed, color, national origin, ancestry, physical disability, gender expression, sex, age or disability. If you have endured harassment that is hostile, intimidating or abusive, contact us to proceed in confidence.

Wage Orders for Particular Industries!

The Industrial Welfare Commission issued Wage Orders for particular jobs. If a Wage Order does not apply, an Occupational Order may apply.

Read More About Wage Orders...

An aggreived employee may assert their rights by filing a civil action.  The first step is to determine whether a Wage Order applies to your workplace. Read more...

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