Practice Areas

Contract | Labor | Torts | Estate
  • Business Litigation Lawyer

    We have extensive experience in handling a wide array of contract disagreements. 

  • Overtime Lawyer

    Wage dispute attorney &, overtime lawyer, worker protections, occupational safety, retaliation, pregnancy discrimination, breaks and mandatory rest.

  • Torts Lawyer

    Lawyer for serious injury, dangerous conditions, negligence, workplace injury, accidents, premises liability, wrongful death.

  • Estate Litigation Lawyers

    Breach of duty owed by a trustee, executor or heir, probate disputes, financial elder abuse. 

Employment Attorney
Overtime Lawyer

Employment Attorney, Wage & Hour Violations, Wrongful Termination, Sexual Harassment, Retaliation, Overtime Law

Workplace law, employee wages and overtime hour litigation, sexual harassment, discrimination (age, disability, pregnancy, race), wrongful termination, defamation, whistleblower retaliation, breach of contract, fraud. 

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    I am grateful to share that I was represented with utmost competence and integrity.

    Samantha Therges

Business Litigation Lawyer

Business Lawsuits & Contract Breach

Partnership disputes, corporate governance, breach of LLC operating agreement, corporate shareholder derivative claims, breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty of a party who is duty bound to act with utmost good faith, sales practice disputes, finance-related claims, breach of warranty, broker fraud. 

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    When gathering facts, Chris considered every single angle, and it seems that no detail was unaccounted.

    Benjamin Richardson​

contract business law
financial elder abuse computer
Estate Litigation Lawyers

Trust Disputes, Financial Elder Abuse, Fiduciary Breach

We take an aggressive yet reasoned approach to trust disputes, family estate and probate litigation. Representing heirs, beneficiaries, executors and trustees. Financial matters, fiduciary duties and probate litigation. Claims related to breach of fiduciary duty, incapacity, incompetence and financial elder abuse.

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    After our first meeting with Chris, I immediately felt confidence going forward against the fraudulent trustee.

    Gloria Rose

Construction Lawyer

Construction Defect, Architectural, Engineering Negligence, Contractor Breach, Mechanics Liens

Failure to design, build or construct any building or component of a building according to industry standards, including the building codes. Water intrusions, leaks, soils, grading, sidewalks, plumbing, grading, roofs, decks, pools, paved areas, HVAC, electrical.

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    I've worked with Chris and his team of experts, they are very professional and meticulous in what they do.

    Walter Myers​

contruction defect lawyer
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Our Practice Areas

Contract | Labor | Torts | Estate

  • Business Law

    We have extensive experience in handling a wide array of contract disagreements. 

  • Employment Law

    Wages, overtime, worker protections, occupational safety, retaliation, contractors.

  • Construction Defect

    Dangerous conditions, poor workmanship, negligence, breach of warranty, electrical, roof, pipes, structural failure.

  • Trust Disputes

    Financial elder, breach of duty owed by a trustee, executor or heir, a serious matter of inquiry. 

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