Property Litigation Attorney

Contract Breach Attorney for Real Property Disputes.

Contract Breach Attorney

Contract Breach Lawyers

Buy sell agreements, employment contracts, non-competes, partnership agreements, vendor agreements, damages in contracts.  We do negotiations, mediation, arbitration and breach of contract actions in Court.


As contract breach attorneys, we help litigants in leasehold disputes. Repair matters, security deposit, eviction. Commercial lease contracts, master lease, ground leases, options, subleasing, assignments, cancellation, governing law, lien, penalties and more.


We handle claims for breach of employment contracts. Overtime claims, off-the-clock work hours, sales commission agreements, working conditions, paycheck deductions, rest and meal break claims. Termination.


We represent property owners and asset managers involved in contract disputes. We routinely review agreements to determine the contractual rights. We thoroughly analyze, seek discovery and inspection of documents and records. We often use forensic accounting experts.


Estate litigation lawyer, trust litigation, action to remove trustee, trust contests, amendment invalidity, invalidation of trust amendments, will contests, beneficiary rights, violation of prudent investor laws, financial elder abuse.


Business contracts, breach of fiduciary duties, partnership agreement disputes, shareholder lawsuits, employment matters, breach of contract, leases, licensing, purchases, sales, real property, serious injury.

Breach & Remedies at Law

Theeoretically, signees to agreements should perform per the terms of the contract. Agreements are often broken due to interpretation issues. Remedies include compensatory, consequential and often punitive damages if fraud and deception exists.


Representing clients facing claims of: dangerous conditions, structural failures, concrete matters, poor workmanship, breach of warranty, electrical, plumbing, roofing, waterproofing. Construction defect expert witnesses.

Contract Breach Attorney

Contract Breach Attorney

We assist those facing franchise agreement breach, constructing plans and litigation strategies to provide you results effectively and efficiently.

Five Star "Contract Breach Attorney" !!!

Applicable Law

A contract breach lawyer will determine whether your issue involves the sale of goods, a service, or both. Common law rules apply to service contracts. The UCC applies to the sale of goods. 

When the parties to an agreement change the contract terms by way of a written amendment or orally, a legal modification results. Consideration must accompany a modification. The Uniform Commercial Code (the UCC) regards good faith as consideration.

Under the UCC, "Goods" ( movable, tangible objects) must be delivered exactly as described in the figure match the contract terms then a technical legal breach may be actionable under the perfect tender rule..

A material breach means that nonperformance was significantly different than the terms of the agreement. Contact a contract breach attorney today.

Excuse by impossibility, excuse by impracticability, expectation damages, consequential damages, avoidable damages and the duty to mitigate, nominal damages, punitive damages, quasi-contract.

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